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License comparison table

The following is a compilation of the most representative features of Toolip Valuation and their availability on the different standard license offers.

1 Month
15 Days
3 Months
6 Months
Create projects
Edit projects
Save projects
Compare projects
Import projects
Export projects
Delete projects
Search projects
Print projects
Generate report
Edit qualtitative input
Edit financial input
Preview of valuation results
Preview of valuation charts
Configure user settings
Contextual help
Online support
99.00 EUR*
449.00 EUR*
749.00 EUR*

(*) prices shown do not include VAT, when applicable.

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    We suggest our applicants always use Toolip for valuating their technology.

    O.G. – Patent examiner

    I strongly recommend using Toolip for valuating technology. Very intuitive and effective.

    L.M. – Inventor

    Toolip is the perfect tool for valuating patents. There is nothing like it in the market. Absolutely great!

    P.G. – IP officer

    Toolip is great. We've been using it to valuate every patent product in our company. It gives us stronger business ...

    A.E. – Patent engineer

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