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toolip-patent-valuation-professionalsAbout Toolip

Toolip is a young project born with a simple objective: to provide the best patent valuation web-platform in the market. From the very beginning, Toolip’s founders realized that every previous attempt in achieving the state of the art quality aimed at for this objective had failed due to several reasons (mostly related to lack of usability or technical inefficiency). Therefore, we decided to work hard to accomplish a solution for the patent community that could be considered as a “standard”, to be accepted and recognized in the near future as a global scale for licensing or transfering technology.

Toolip’s valuation method is based on an income model for patent valuation, taking into account the future-projected cash flows associated with the valuated project, and computes them as a net present value by applying discount factors. In addition, Toolip manages information about every relevant aspect of your patent, from purely legal data (patent validity, extension countries, remaining term) to purely financial data (annual turnover, expected growth in the company or market, discount factors), and also covering technological, strategic or marketing factors. Toolip’s algorithm statistically weighs all input parameters and computes the future cash flows during the patent’s life, calculating the monetary value of your patent as a sum of these flows. Risk and opportunity factors are also taken into account in the calculation, in order to provide a more realistic valuation.

Although the origin of Toolip’s algorithm was a customization of IPScore® by the European Patent Office, today Toolip has become a fully self-standing patent valuation platform covering a wider scope of theoretical valuation background, as well as a powerful system for creating valuation reports in almost any electronic format. We think reporting is crucial for clearly communicating and understanding valuation results, so we have paid particular attention to this task.

In sum, we would like to make Toolip grow and develop, helping users around the world to valuate their patents in a simple and fully accurate way. Join us and be part of Toolip!

team-toolip-patent-valuationThe team

The Toolip team is made up of both patent professionals and IT specialists. Our experience in patents covers patent prosecution and portfolio management within the European Patent Convention laws, as well as intangible asset valuation focused on intellectual property. On the technical side, we are experts in information technology and software engineering, with special attention to web and mobile software development.

We are a team of young and highly motivated individuals trying to build a company to be proud of. Our aim is to make you be competitive through our support and outstanding user experiences, and be a company which provides a high level of customer service and is socially and environmentally conscious. We are confident that you will not find anyone more passionate about your success and satisfaction. We are committed to creating and developing a strong and reliable international standard valuation platform for the world.

Are you interested in working or collaborating with us? Please send us an e-mail with your career aspirations and CV to [email protected].

Become a partner to Toolip

The Toolip team believes in collaboration and alliance-making to create a better world. With this in mind, we are constantly searching for new partners to build new skills and services for the intellectual property community. Whether you are a software developer, a patent professional, a financial analyst or a potential investor, if you think that we could work together, please write to us at [email protected]

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    We suggest our applicants always use Toolip for valuating their technology.

    O.G. – Patent examiner

    I strongly recommend using Toolip for valuating technology. Very intuitive and effective.

    L.M. – Inventor

    Toolip is the perfect tool for valuating patents. There is nothing like it in the market. Absolutely great!

    P.G. – IP officer

    Toolip is great. We've been using it to valuate every patent product in our company. It gives us stronger business ...

    A.E. – Patent engineer

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