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The Toolip engine was originally designed as a customization of the well-known IPScore┬« method distributed by the European Patent Office. Its algorithm defines an income model of discounted cash flows through the patent’s life and calculates the patent’s monetary net present value. However, Toolip’s own method manages to greatly improve any valuation product in the market, by including patent risk and opportunity effects in the final result, taking into account longer calculation periods (up to fifteen years of patent life) or establishing an effective royalty-rate calculation model for license-dealing. Also, Toolip’s interface is extremely easy to use, even for newcomers, making it possible to quickly learn and deeply understand the market implications of the patent portfolios. Toolip aims to become the gold standard for patent valuation and technology licensing, defining a common market framework for professionals and avoiding the high degree of uncertainty and subjectivity in today’s valuation criteria. As a result, Toolip provides a universal language for technology transfer and patent valuation.

However, Toolip is much more than just a valuation tool. Its exclusive engine for generating technical reports provides a fully-detailed analysis of the valuation results. Toolip is able to generate reports on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the patent projects, providing graphs and text explanations of the obtained results. In this way, the user receives all valuation data in a ready-to-work product which can be used for internal strategy or delivered to partners, customers or investors. Toolip reports can be generated in any relevant electronic format (pdf, html, doc, odt, rtf…) as a fixed text or as an editable file. This way you can adapt any report to your own requirements and needs. In addition, Toolip allows users to keep their projects in private databases, in order to store all data regarding every valuation, and to modify any relevant parameter within the lifetime of the patents, considering any modification and calculating the associated impact on the valuation results.

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