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Spanish Patent and Trademark Office 2016 call for grants for patents and utility models applications

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office calls for grants for application of patents and utility models, with the main objective of promoting the use of Industrial Property by Spanish companies as a tool for access to international markets.

The grants called are:

- Subsidies to the extension of an application for a patent or a utility model, to the national offices of third countries or regional patent offices within the framework of procedures for granting patents or models of national or regional utility. Among other eligible concepts, call 2016 includes: application procedures, search report, examination or grant, annuities EPO and European patent validation

- Subsidies for activities within the international procedure PCT (application procedures, international search or preliminary examination)

- Subsidies for patent and utility models Spanish applications (application procedures and / or search report (IET))

The activities being subsidized are, therefore, those patent applications or utility model which has been published, in the case of patents both the application and the ETI or mention the IBI, during the years 2014, 2015 and during 2016 until April 30, providing they have not received funding in previous calls for aid.

With this aid is intended to achieve the stimulation of international protection of technology through patents or utility models as well as contribute to improving the competitiveness of those private sector entities that have undertaken the search for markets outside Spain, and the promotion of the protection of national SME and physical inventions through patents or utility models people.

The formalization and submitting applications must make it electronically through the Electronic Office of the SPTO (https://sede.oepm.gob.es) and the deadline for submitting applications is 1 April to 30 April 2016.

Source: OEPM

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