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Please find below a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding Toolip. If your question is not included in the list, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your query.

What is Toolip?

Toolip is the most powerful and up-to-date patent valuation tool. It allows users to extract meaningful information about their patents and to generate highly detailed valuation reports. Toolip is specially designed for patent portfolio managers, patent attorneys, licensing and transfer offices, technological companies, universities and patent offices. Toolip’s valuation method is based on an income-model valuation approach and has been developed to be compatible with the most acknowledged patent valuation techniques. It is extremely easy to use (you do not need a profound specific patent or financial background) and it only requires a few minutes of your time to become a competent user.

What are the differences between Toolip and other valuation products?

Toolip highly improves any existing software for valuating patents. It allows users to calculate cash flows covering the whole effective life of the patent (up to 15 years, much more than other tools), including the effects of risk and opportunity factors in the calculations. This means that Toolip does not only provide a strictly theoretical valuation of any patent, but also gives further information about what a realistic market value for the patent can be. Therefore, Toolip can help patent managers in deciding the true value of their projects and to better define their market strategies. In addition to the latter, Toolip is the first valuation tool to provide users with a royalty-rate valuation model, which is able to suggest specific rates to every project depending on its expected value. This is extremely helpful for licensing, when the ownership of the patent is not transferred, but only its use under certain terms or conditions.

Toolip also provides a powerful engine for generating high-detailed valuation reports. Toolip is able to generate reports on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the patent projects, providing graphs and text explanations of the obtained results. In this way, the user receives all valuation data in a ready-to-work product which can be used for internal strategy or delivered to partners, customers or investors. Toolip reports can be generated in any relevant electronic format (pdf, html, doc, odt, rtf…) as a fixed text or as an editable file. This way you can adapt any report to your own requirements and needs.

Should I be an expert in valuating patents for using Toolip?

No. Toolip has been designed with an intuitive interface which enables users to valuate their projects without profound specific financial or patent knowledge. From the outset, you will be able to submit all the required data to obtain your valuation results and to generate your specified reports. Nonetheless, if any term or parameter in the interface seems odd to you, Toolip is also equipped with a fully-detailed contextual help and support, which clarifies almost every step or element of the valuation process. In addition, should you need any extra functional information, Toolip’s Support Team is always available to help.

What if I have technical questions regarding a specific valuation project?

Toolip provides permanent users support by e-mail and a phone ticket system. If you have any questions or requests about any technical issue, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to give you any information that you may require. Toolip support system covers both technical and functional help. As soon as you send us your request, our experts will immediately address your query and quickly provide you with the best solution.

How accurate are Toolip’s valuation results?

Very accurate. Toolip’s valuation model takes into account information about every relevant aspect of your patent, from purely legal data (patent validity, extension countries, remaining term) to purely financial data (annual turnover, expected growth in the company or market, discount factors), and also covering technological, strategic or marketing factors. Toolip’s algorithm statistically weighs all input parameters and computes the future cash flows during the patent’s life, calculating the monetary value of your patent as a sum of these flows. Risk and opportunity factors are also taken into account in the calculation, in order to provide a more realistic valuation.

Are Toolip’s results legally binding?

As with any other valuation method or tool, Toolip relies on the accuracy of the input data for obtaining precise and realistic valuation results. In this context, Toolip cannot assume any legal responsibility about the specific results generated by the users for valuating their projects. However, Toolip’s method is fully compatible with international industry standards for valuating technology, such as the German Industry Norm DIN 77100 (“Patent Valuation”) or the Spanish Norm UNE166008 (“Technology Transfer”). Please contact our Consultancy and Training Services if you are interested in obtaining a certified valuation.

How can I purchase my Toolip License?

Simply click on “Pricing” on our website and check the different licensed products available. Select the one which best fits your needs and click on “Sign in”.

Why is Toolip not freeware?

In order to provide a professional service, Toolip’s business model is based on customer subscription. Subscriptions are intended for covering the costs associated with personnel and server maintenance, ensuring that we are able to provide a permanent development and support service who cares about the users. In our experience, previous software-based patent valuation tools which have been freely distributed have failed, mainly because the users felt “abandoned” or clueless about their technical or functional questions, without the existence of customer support. In view of this, Toolip is extremely keen on constituting a strong community of users to build the next-century patent valuation standard.

Which license best fits my needs?

It depends on your specific project requirements and on the time you need for valuating. First of all, we suggest acquiring a Demo Version License to learn more about Toolip’s user interface. This is cost-effective for you and gives you the opportunity to master using the application and generating valuation reports. When you feel more confident with Toolip, you can move to the next step and promote your Demo License to a full-access license. The choice between one license or another will mainly be set by the characteristics of your patent portfolio. If you are an independent inventor, we strongly recommend you select a Starter License. It is inexpensive, and specially designed for a short-term valuation, in case the user would like to value one or two patents and not incur any further costs. On the other hand, if your portfolio covers several or many patents, for example if you are a Patent Law Firm or a technological medium-sized or large company, then we suggest a flat-fee Advanced or Premium license. These licenses provide unlimited valuation and they become more cost-effective than a Starter license in the long term. All Toolip licenses comprise functional and technical Support Service during the validity period and, in addition, if you decide to suspend your account, Toolip will keep your stored valuation projects alive for the duration of 6 months after the expiration date of your license.

Is my data safe when using Toolip?

Absolutely. Toolip server services are equipped with the most up-to-date security measures in order to guarantee the integrity of all your projects. This includes permanent multi-server backup systems, as well as anti-hacking and anti-fraud systems. Security and privacy are Toolip’s top priorities, as well as product quality and user support.

Can Toolip be adapted to my corporate image and valuation methodologies?

Yes. Our Consultancy and Training Department provides this service, offering specific solutions to our customers’ needs. We can modify Toolip’s basic functionalities, like the graphic interface or the reporting systems and even the valuation method to match your company’s requisites. We also offer permanent maintenance, support and training to every consultancy Project. Please contact us if you would like to make Toolip your corporate patent valuation platform.
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