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IP Management in the Spotlight under Horizon 2020

European-Commission-LogoThe launch of the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 at the beginning of this year effected a paradigm shift: a fresh emphasis on innovation and an increased drive towards supporting the competitiveness of innovative SMEs and entrepreneurs within the EU and internationally. The proficient management of intellectual assets is an important cornerstone to the increased market-driven funding approach, which is essential to the sustainable success of the exploitation and commercialization of the Intellectual Property (IP) generated in Horizon 2020 collaborative research projects.

With a greater business-oriented approach in Horizon 2020, more emphasis is placed on turning research outcomes and technological developments into value-creating products and services. In this context, proper IP management becomes crucial. Due to an increasing demand by participants since the launch of Horizon 2020, the European IPR Helpdesk has extended its focus to strengthening IP capacity-building even more by offering additional training formats to provide even better “hands-on” strategic advice on IP downstream activities, and advice on suitable IP strategies.

Given the importance of effectively dealing with IP in Horizon 2020 projects, the European IPR Helpdesk team is publishing a specific information package on IP Management in Horizon 2020 in order to guide beneficiaries of EU-funded projects through the expectations and requirements of the European Commission and to offer hands-on advice and tips on how to put IP management into practice. The information package consists of the following documents:

i) A series of three Fact Sheets pertaining to the management of IP in central stages throughout the life-cycle of a Horizon 2020 project.

ii) A model Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Horizon 2020 – a helpful tool defining the framework of the negotiations among consortium partners, generally concluded at the very beginning of negotiations on the involvement in a project, even before submitting the proposal.

iii) Model Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) – examples of a One-Way Non-Disclosure Agreement as well as a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

iv) A Guide on IP in Horizon 2020 for Researchers and SMEs providing an overview of the most important IP aspects in a concise document.

Source: European IPR Helpdesk

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